Saturday, October 27, 2007

Artist Profile: Cyclops (31DoHM07)

Two Artist Profiles in one month? Hey, why not? I’m just making up for no profiles during August and September. Anyway, with all the Halloween-ing and Skull Mask Project-ing going on these days, I figured I should dedicate at least a little bit of blog space to London/Bristol street artist, Cyclops. He’s one of my art heroes with an intensity that makes you think, “wow, this guy’s a true artist!” … or at least, that’s been my reaction on a number of occasions. Cyclops thinks big and prolific. His massive skulls (all over East London and much of Bristol) are a somber and undeniable reality check. Along with graf buddy Sweet Toof, Cyclops has virtually redefined East London's urban landscape. I could say much, much more about this guy. But, I’ll keep this profile short ‘n’ sweet and simply refer you to all the much, much more I’ve already said about him:

Photography by Chris Osburn © 2007

Check out for plenty more about/from Cyclops (and don't be surprised if this artist's work appears yet again before October ends).

31 Days of Halloween Madness from Tiki Chris

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