Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photos: T.MAGIC's "Loaded with Meaning" in London (Juxtapoz)

Photos: T.MAGIC's "Loaded with Meaning" in London
Photography by Chris Osburn, London correspondent
Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Loaded with Meaning is an independent solo show mounted by one of the UK’s most colorful talents,
T.Magic (shown above,) which features over forty new works of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and silk-screens.

Check out all the
T.MAGIC photos at Juxtapoz.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Week of Wow! (September 26, 2008)

A Week of Wow!

Just taking a moment to look back over the past seven days, which included all sorts of fun stuff:

- Hawking fine art, furniture and electronics for a friend (it's all still there except for the Chagalls)

- Reading (or should I say looking at the fun pics in) a zine ...

- Admiring John Waters' filth-laden wit and wisdom ...

- Spinning above London eating organic chocolate ...

- Tweeting-up with Twitter folk, and ... (a deed I'm most proud of) ...

- Bolstering business for a yummy cupcake delivery service.

Time to sit down and collect my thoughts!

London Daily Photo: Other Side by Chris Osburn © 2008

Enjoy your weekend,

ontoLondon - ontoTravel - Tiki Chris Presents

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SPAT Zine Issue 2

Spat Magazine

It's rare these days that I get the chance just to blog about something simply because I want to take the time to write about it. Anyway, I've been meaning to mention a zine I came across the last time I was in Whitstable (I can't even remember the name of the shop where I got it, but it's on the main drag near the entrance to the harbour and has lots of fun art in the windows).

Spat Magazine2

The zine is called Spat, and I bought Issue 2 for £2.20. It features several pages of wobbly, trippy line drawings that must have taken hours of intense concentration to make. The images seem to be of either cute-ified monsters or monster-fied people. Right up my alley. Unfortunately, there's
no email address, website or any info about the creator (or how to get my hands on Issue 1). However, on the back inside cover there's an "ad" for Road Kill Zine and it's MySpace page. Images on that webpage look similar to the Spat artwork. I guess I'll start there. But if anybody knows anything ...

Fun stuff!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shag Prints and More (Dali, Miro, Chagall) for Sale ... Cheap! Furniture and Electronics Too.

A good buddy of mine here in London has recently realized that he has "managed to build up a far bigger collection (of good stuff and junk) than I will ever be able to put on my walls/put on the floor." That means BARGAINS for us! Have a look at what he's got and if interested, just shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with my friend.

Here's his list o' stuff (and might I add that the dude's got impeccable taste - and no, honestly, these aren't my things. Although I am tempted to purchase a few of 'em):

Art - The collection contains works by:

- Toulouse-Lautrec (the complete set of Circus lithographs in presentation box – only sold as a complete set as I want to ensure they get a good home ;-))

- One of Jim Dine’s “heart” lithographs (Heart for the Film Forum), a rapidly appreciating piece in a series of 500.

- A large number of Marc Chagall lithographs in various editions and paper qualities

- Salvador Dali (about a handful including some stunning sketches)

- Joan Miro (a beautiful small piece)

- Marcel Delacroix (some large Parisian street life scenes – I’m keeping the smaller ones, along with an Alexander Calder and a few other pieces for when I move to a bigger house)

- 8 prints by Shag (Josh Agle) who started the entire 60s cool cartoon style art crazy in the late 1990s. All are in editions of up to 350, but most of them come from smaller editions (200).

- And probably a whole lot more that I’ve forgotten about now that everything is packed in tubes


- Original (almost 50 years old) Bertoia Wire Chair (also known as dining chair) with slightly damaged original black leather cushion and unpainted stainless steel frame £350

- 2 x Eames DCM chairs in black stained Ash. Produced by Vitra (original licensee) in 2002 so some general wear and tear with surface scratching, but still a chair that will last forever. Cost £492 today from new. I’ll be selling one at £250 or you can have both for £400

- Original upholstered (plastic fantastic) blue Eames rocker. The proper fibreglass one rather than the injection moulded crap (pardon my French, but they have really butchered it in recent years). The chair has new white wire legs and new beechwood runners (and therefore has a couple of holes in the underside as the new undercarriage is positioned differently to improve stability. £325

- Large two seater dark brown (looks black) leather sofa from Habitat (not stored in apartment) £400 (price new £1300)

- Arm chair to match with above £200 (price new £700)

- King size Oke futon bed from the Futon Company with large, but minimalist wooden frame (with two tatami mats and “deepsleep” king size futon mattress). Price new £800 (now £918). Selling for £300.

- Karim Rashid Butterfly chair in orange. £70 (price new £140)

- Mies van der Rohe “Barcelona” daybed. Described wrongly as the Barcelona daybed due to its proximity in design to the chair , which was showcased in the German pavilion (designed by v.d. Rohe) at the 1929 Barcelona Expo. This daybed was actually designed for Philip Johnson’s New York City apartment a year later. This is one of only two pieces of furniture I have ever owned that is a reproduction rather than an original (I won’t tell you what the other one is because it’s still in the house ;-)). Great value at £250! Legs and cushions come off for easy transportation

- A stack of original Verner Panton Topan pendant shades in various sizes and colours (including blue, orange, stainless steel and black). Priced from £25 to £85 each. You need to buy your own flex and please note that these have never been produced with a ceiling rose either so you need to find one which you think fits (or disappears).

- Kartell Easy pendant lights (3-pack). Designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 2002. Great cylinder shaped lamps in different colours. You can either hang them together or separately. Never used and still in original packaging. They cost £62 each, but you can have the set of three for £125.

- Small steel and plastic garden table with 3 chairs (nice and easy to keep clean). Ideal for a terrace or balcony. If you would prefer it with 2 or 4 chairs that would be possible as well. £80

- Funky Habitat ceramic and frosted
glass lamp

- You MIGHT also tempt me into parting with my two original 1950s Eames Aluminium Group Low Back Office Chairs with blue plastic covering. Offers over £750 for the set.

AV and electronics equipment:

- JVC RX-DP10R. 5 years old and hardly used (40 hours of playing time in total). Formerly the range topping surround sound amp from JVC. Cost when new £1400. Price now: £400. Still plays absolutely beautifully and has all the bells and whistles as well as enough power to host your next street party.

- Kenwood L1000C. One of the all-time great pre-amps. These are still as good as anything on the market today, but I can’t use it in my current integrated amplifier set-up L. Please give this a good home… Bargain at £150- Jamo 707. Stunning floor standing speakers in black ash from the design and sound gurus at Jamo in Denmark. Price new £800. Price now £275 for the pair.

- Dual CS 505-4 turntable. A little gem, but now I want to upgrade so am selling this. Cartridge still has plenty of life left in it and it is very easy to find a replacement if you want to change it. £50

- Sony S505ES. One of the classic FM RDS tuners. This used to be the top of the range radio from Sony and it really does tell when listening to it. If you don’t need all of the DAB cack and just listen to old fashioned radio – this is the one for you. If you’re worried about the digital switchover – don’t be. Ofcom haven’t even set a date yet for switching off analogue radio signals and are murmuring about a 2015 target date, but since this is not a firm commitment it will be at least 10 years before it actually happens. Only selling this as I’ve got my hands on the legendary Onkyo T4700 (probably the finest analogue radio ever made). £20

- Panasonic NV-RS7B S-VHS video recorder. £40 including a stack of unused tapes.

- Minolta Dynax 500Si SLR for those who still like to shoot film and want a very small and handy SLR. £30.

- Nikon F55 SLR – a better SLR and still a hugely popular camera among amateurs and the slightly more pro who will use it as a back-up. Comes with 28 – 80mm and 70-300mm lenses. Bought as kit for £380 in 2004, now selling for £120. Picture quality as good as anything I’ve shot digitally.

- Nikon F401 SLR – an absolute gem and a classic Nikon SLR camera. The first Nikon camera to have a built in TTL flash. It comes with the classic 35-70mm 1:3.3-4.5 lens and the black leather case. Great condition and probably my all-time favourite camera. A bargain at £60. I would recommend finding a motor for it as these old SLR’s focus and shoot a lot slower than modern ones.

- Lexon “Ici Pari” radio by Philipe Starck. £20

- Jacob Jensen alarm clock. £10

- Small 14” Sony TV with built-in video recorder. £20? £15? £10?

- Sony TC-K511S tape deck. Tenner anyone? Otherwise, please just take it.

- Philips DCC (remember those?). Please let me know quickly if you want it or it’s going straight to electronic hell.

Interested? Just let me know.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emiana has a Genius Idea

A Genius Idea
by Emiana
Friday, September 19, 2008

Please consider making a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin's name. A Planned Parenthood donation is tax deductible, while a political donation isn't. You'll be helping a good cause and even better, PP will send Palin a card telling her of the donation made in her honor!

Read the complete
A Genius Idea post at Emiana's blog.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Waters on Sarah Palin, Abortion and Rednecks

Hey, I caught the John Waters "This Filthy Life" stand up routine/monologue at the Hammersmith Apollo earlier in the week. Loved it! Here are a couple of highlights:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Days of Wine and Sushi ... and Cheese ... and ... (September 19, 2008)

Days of Wine and Sushi ... and Cheese ... and ...

Whitstable photo by Chris Osburn © 2008

Oh man, I ate some really good seafood down in Whitstable this weekend a
nd had some rockin' cheese back here in London at my favourite cheese shop. I enjoyed fantastic sushi (with fab wine) too ... at what I think has become my fave Japanese restaurant in town. And for dessert, I had a big ole box of freshly baked cupcakes delivered to my door!

I also caught the opening of Paul Insect's Poison exhibition (which closes this Sunday... and is even better than his 08 show) and pondered just how much my voice sounds like Christian Slater's.

Can't see the video? Click here.

Enjoy your weekend,

ontoLondon - ontoTravel - Tiki Chris Presents

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do I Sound like Christian Slater?

Last night, somebody told me that "Christian Slater must have stolen his accent from you." Really? I'm not convinced but I think it was meant as a compliment (even though it really embarassed me). Anyway, here are a couple of clips - one of Slater in Pump up the Volume, a movie I really liked as a kid and another of me saying the same line - which will help you decide.


Tiki Chris:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paul Insect - Poison (Juxtapoz)

Paul Insect's "Poison" with Lazarides Gallery
Photography by Chris Osburn, London Correspondent
Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Insect’s Poison will only remain on view through September 21st, 2008. Check out some photos of Poison ...

See all the
Paul Insect's "Poison" with Lazarides Gallery photos at the Juxtapoz website.

... And because I love you all so much, here's a quick video from opening night. However, I must recommend that you go and check out the exhibition for yourselves. It's good stuff!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nice One in Review (September 12, 2008)

Nice One in Review

Can't see the video? Click here.

This week I shot up Shoreditch, wore cats and danced to music by the Queen of the Gypsies ... just not all at once. I also managed to make it to Cafe Spice Namaste, a brilliant Indian restaurant that I'd been meaning to try for some time, and to visit Bodean's, one of my favourite standby restos in Soho. And, should I ever find myself stumped for the right London eatery, I picked up Charles Campion's handy dandy new guide to London restaurants.

London Daily Photo: Where's the Fire? by Chris Osburn © 2008

Enjoy your weekend,

ontoLondon - ontoTravel - Tiki Chris Presents

Monday, September 08, 2008

Two Cat Night

Living cat bodywear. It's the next big thing in accessories.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Gray and Rainy Week in Review (August 5, 2008)

Gray and Rainy Week in Review

It's been a gray and rainy week here in London. Perfect for a big bowl of pho or throwing a private karaoke party. Not so much for roamin' round London taking photos. But somehow, I managed. At least the latest pile of freelance work to come my way (and to keep me from blogging as much as I'd like) is dry.

Anyway, I still need mummies, and y'all still need to check out Elizabeth Blish Hughes's Big Island Guide.

London Daily Photo: New Girl by Chris Osburn © 2008

Enjoy your weekend,

ontoLondon - ontoTravel - Tiki Chris Presents

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