Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day Out in Bristol for Juxtapoz

Here's a link to a photo essay I did for Juxtapoz. I had a great time exploring Bristol with local artists Cyclops and Dan and would like to thank everyone I met for being so super cool and friendly.

Day Out in Bristol
by Chris Osburn
Juxtapoz (website)
Wednesday, 1 August 2007

"Don't let Johnny Public see you," he whispered as he unlocked the metal gate and let us in. We walked across the lot strewn with makeshift structures and motor vehicles in various states of disrepair. A few alert guard dogs took notice but allowed us to reach the building's entrance: a crawlspace atop a rickety ladder accessing a ten foot drop onto a pile of rubble inside. Before our ascent/decent, we shook hands with our host who reiterated we were to keep cover. "Be careful" he stressed in a hushed tone as we scrambled up the ladder. Once inside and crunching along the floors strewn with shattered glass, I was glad I had decided to wear my boots.

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