Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scary Monsters Magazine (31DoHM07)

A few months back I picked up Scary Monsters Magazine's 2007 Year Book, Monster Memories No. 15. The magazine with its glossy monster cover seemed to be sitting there on the magazine stand waiting especially for me. With an upcoming flight back to the States coming up, I needed some fresh, non-intellectual reading material.

It turned out to a fun read with a lot of personality. The editor could maybe tone down his ALL CAPS tendency and click on the spellcheck button a bit more, but perhaps that adds to the rag's overall endearing effect. Anyway, all the old monster movie images are a hoot, and the writing is excited and passionate, qualities that seem particulary rare in writing these days.

Most of the subject matter is a little before my time (but if you were a boy growing up America during the late 60s/early 70s, there's a good chance this magazine will read like gospel for you). However, an article about the new Groovie Goolies DVD set rekindled all sorts of boyhood memories and got me feeling just a wee bit giddy. More on that tomorrow.

here to visit the Scary Monsters website.

Happy 31 Days of Halloween Madness from Tiki Chris

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