Friday, October 05, 2007

Frightening Week in Review (Friday October 5, 2007)

Welcome to (r)October and the first week in this year's 31 Days of Halloween Madness. The Halloween Skull Mask Project is underway and so far the submissions (by BlasFamous, Atomic Tony Tiki, Ann-Caroline Breig, and Alone) are phenomenal. Keep checkin' back for a new mask from a different artist each day of this month.

In non-Halloween (but equally frightening) news, the intrepid Pint Champion braved the Furries v Klingons Bowling competition in Atlanta to bring us some photos. I got more photos (and video!!!) from PC than I've had time to post. Hopefully, I'll get around to posting the rest soon. Over at ontoTravel, I continued with my Milan photo series (with still more to come).

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

Below is a list of recent posts from four blogs that I administer:
ontoLondon, ontoTravel, Rapa Nui News, and Tiki Chris. Each Friday, I hope to provide a weekly review of what I've posted. If a particular blog interests you, keep in mind that I’ve been blogging since well before this past week. You may want to take a look through the archives of any blog that interests you. Thanks.

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This week's posts:
London Daily Photo: Magic Touch
London Daily Photo: Spitalfields City Farm
Big Ben Strikes Again
London Daily Photo: St Boltoph's
Space Invader's London Invasion at Lazarides Galle...
Egyptian God of Death Presides over Trafalgar Squa...
London Daily Photo: Tag
Londonist asks "What’s for Lunch?" Indian YMCA Stu...
Will Tuck Exhibition at Carter&Gallagher
London Daily Photo: Broadway Market
Swedish Erotica at the ICA
London Daily Photo: Crossing
Accolades for London's Public Transport? Really?
London Daily Photo: Pentagram & Vulgarity

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Milan: Andiamo Shopping!
Milan: Hot Uomo
Milan: Cosi Fan Tutti
BBC Worldwide buys Lonely Planet
Milan: Shock Economy Milano
Milan: Too Much Milano

Rapa Nui News
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Provocative review of Collapse by Jared Diamond
Section of new book, The Stone Gods, deals with Ra...
Rapa Nui in Science Magazine
How was Polynesia settled?
Quebec actor Roy Dupuis to sail to Rapa Nui
Keynote speaker at Kauai sustainability summit dre...
Jared Diamond's "eeriest case study" is Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui items at Oslo's Kon-Tiki Museum

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