Friday, October 19, 2007

This Week Comes to a Head (Friday October 19, 2007)

Hey kids! It's Friday.

Have y'all been checking out
the ? I've really been blown away by all the contributions. Here's a list of fab artists who provided this week's masks:

Jason D'Aquino
Jen Cwiok
Ken Ruzic
Louie La Palombara

Michael Murphy

Phil Corbett

In equally arty but not so Halloween-ish news, I finally got back to my Artist Profile series, with one about my buddy James Jessop. For Juxtapoz, I interviewed mosaic graffiti master Space Invader and caught London street artists Sweet Toof and Sickboy in action with a photo essay.

But, it's not all about me. American expat in Mexico, Jon Dowda, wrote a brilliant report of his trip to attend a wedding in rural Mexico. He did a bang up job taking photos to accompany the story too. Do yourself a favour and click here to read Jon's post and to see his pics of "the México that I truly love, out beyond the industry and urbanization."

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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theandrewssister said...

all cracking stuff this week, Chris. The skull masks in particular are awesome and I loved the Sweet Toof/Sickboy photo essay. Keep up the good work!

Tiki Chris said...

Cheers Ms Andrews! It's always nice to read that folks are enjoying the blogs.


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