Thursday, February 08, 2007

MySpace is zSpace for zombies (Z07.08)

Um wow. There are lots of folks interested in zombies. Many of them are on MySpace.

A MySpace search for "zombie" yields 1,130,000 search results. A search for "
zombies" yields another 313,000. Among these results, I found ...

Pot Zombies ... with the motto "more pot less plot!"

Zombie Girl ... Who knew "remove the head/destroy the brain" could be such a catchy lyric?

Zombie Apocalypse ... just in case there's a class 4 zombie outbreak

The Brotherhood of Zombie Hunters ... who "forged of blood and steel" have but one purpose, to save the world from the Zombie uprising.

Girls and Corpses ... I don't get it.

And this brilliant short film: Zombie Dodgeball

Zombruary 2007 is sponsored by
Tiki Racer.

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