Sunday, February 25, 2007

More "Bloodee" Zombies? (Z07.25)

Thanks to Yvan, Bloodee's webmaster, for pointing in the direction of his site, which he describes as "designed to work like digg, but for horror." Here's more:

Bloodee is a user-driven web 2.0 site devoted to the horror genre - horror 2.0. Built by its community, it offers a means to aggregate the best horror stories, clips, fiction, sites, pictures and art on the web under the same banner ... Content on Bloodee is user-generated, which means that you may submit your own horror content (photography, news, reviews, fiction, etc.), but the site also relies on the good faith of its users to collectively aggregate horror content, all horror content, not exclusively your own.

here to share the horror.
here to view Bloodee's Zombie category.

Zombruary 2007 is sponsored by Tiki Racer.

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