Friday, February 16, 2007

Premature week in review (Friday February 16, 2007)

Yes, I know I'm jumping the gun by posting this update a bit prematurely. Busy weekend ahead - that's all.

Here's the Zombruary scoop:

One Artist Profile for this month of horror was not enough. So, I posted three:

David Hartman

Jason D'Aquino

Nathan Eighty

Brilliant stuff by all three! Please make sure to give their works a look.

Special thanks to Emiana, M. Snow, and JIRISH for contributing to Zombruary 2007. Do you have something undead to share? Click here.

Be sure to check out Tiki Racer - official sponsor of Zombruary 2007!

And in non-undead news ...

Owls! Cream Puffs! and a Dozen Red Roses! just for you (along with a dose of daily London photography).

Happy John Frum Day,
Tiki Chris

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This week's posts:
London Daily Photo - High Voltage
London Daily Photo - Door at Magma Books
London Daily Photo - Neckface the Ripper
Prince Harry et al at l’esculsivo Mahiki Club
stolenspace.COM (just passing the word on)
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Happy Valentine's Day from ontoLondon!
How was the Hoo Wot opening?
London Daily Photo - Closed
London Daily Photo - Temporal Vision

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This week's posts:
Colophon 2007 International Magazine Symposium - L...
Happy John Frum Day!

Rapa Nui News
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This week's posts:
Moai 'snowmen' popular at Michigan Tech competitio...
Animated TV series has a moai as underwater home
Rongorongo tablet decoder works on Indus scripts
More New7Wonders
Architectural historian visits Rapa Nui for TV sho...
Rapa Nui movie provides "tropical heat wave" for w...
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Initially "creeped out," American journalist won o...
Accessing Rapa Nui
More New7Wonders articles
"Monolithic" pop culture references #39
Forensic anthropologist inspired by Rapa Nui to sp...
New LAN airpass includes flights to Rapa Nui
More about travel to Rapa Nui with new LAN airpass...
Rapanui seaweed and algae as vaginal suppositories...
Turtles from Central American found off Rapanui
Rapa Nui Dengue Fever outbreak
Rapamune key ingredient in breast cancer drug Taxo...
"Monolithic" pop culture references #40

Tiki Chris
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Undying gratitude in review (Friday February 9, 20...
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What kind of Zombie are you? Take the quiz! (Z07....
Even the New York Times celebrates Zombruary (Z07....
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New stayalive Emergency One Use Unit (Z07.11)
Zomploitation guide to zombie movies (Z07.12)
Prince Harry et al at l’esculsivo Mahiki Club
What not to do when attacked by zombies (Z07.12)
Vile night out on the town with JIRISH (Z07.12)
ZOMBIE Artist Profile: David Hartman (Z07.13)
Zombie Pinup Valentines (Z07.14)
Zombie Sirens (Z07.14)
ZOMBIE Artist Profile: Jason D'Aquino (Z07.14)
ZOMBIE Artist Profile: Nathan Eighty (Z07.15)
Zombie Family skit from Vermilion Pleasure Night (...

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