Friday, June 01, 2007

Hello June (Friday June 1, 2007)

and more!

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

Below is information about four blogs that I administer:
ontoLondon, ontoTravel, Rapa Nui News, and Tiki Chris. Each Friday, I hope to provide a weekly review of what I've posted. If a particular blog interests you, keep in mind that I’ve been blogging since well before this past week. You may want to take a look through the archives of any blog that interests you. Thanks.

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This week's posts:
London Daily Photo: New Oxford Street
New Banksy in South London?
London Daily Photo: Agro Made in England
Madonna at Exmouth Market or Don't leave home with...
Huge Hockney
London Daily Photo: Round the Corner
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Spice 'N' Rice
London Daily Photo: Zombie
London Daily Photo: Outside
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Beatroot
London Daily Photo: Untitled
London Daily Photo: Cool Job

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This week's posts:
Amsterdam: Untitled
Rotterdam: Cityscape
Tiki Mug Air Travel Doodle
Rotterdam: Maritiem Museum
Rotterdam: Aboard the Buffel
Rotterdam: Waterfront
Rotterdam: Shop
Rotterdam: Waterfront

Rapa Nui News
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This week's posts:
"Monolithic" Pop Culture References #54
About Explora en Rapa Nui

Tiki Chris
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This week's posts:
Posts with the Most (Friday May 25, 2007)
Meet my new friend, Kan
Blogger Meet-Up at Trailer Happiness
Man v Leopard - incredible story
Coming Soon: Tiki London
Tiki London: Black Pearl Boutique
Tiki London: British Museum
Tiki London: Cuming Museum

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