Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tiki London: Black Pearl Boutique

For our upcoming Tiki London limited edition print, Tiki Racer and I came up with a list of London's 10 Most Tiki Landmarks. First on the list (in alphabetical order) is Black Pearl Boutique.

Black Pearl Boutique at Kingly Court (just off Carnaby Street) is a haven of rockabilly jewellery, vintage 1950’s clothing, burlesque corsets, and accessories, providing Tiki enthusiasts with a Polynesian oasis of tropical d├ęcor in the middle of central London’s retail jungle. Upon first entering Black Pearl, shoppers are whisked away to a tropic isle via the shop’s “Polynesian Tiki style,” which, according to Owner Fiona Deffenbaugh, “evokes the spirit of 1950s Tiki bars,” and sets it apart from the multitude of shops around Carnaby Street.

Check back soon for the next in our list of London's 10 Most Tiki Landmarks and for more details about the Tiki London limited edition print.

The Tiki London limited edition print will first go on sale at the 2007 London Luau.

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