Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tiki London: Gone to Press!

For our upcoming Tiki London limited edition print,
Tiki Racer and I came up with a list of London's 10 Most Tiki Landmarks. The posters have gone to press and will be ready for purchase at this weekend's London Luau!

Here are some pics from Tiki Racer's trip to the printers:

Check back soon for details about how to get your Tiki London limited edition print!

The Tiki London limited edition print will first go on sale at the 2007
London Luau.


Emiana said...

That is very cool. Good shots!

Allaboutdatiki said...

Awesome! Get one ready to send across the pond. Maybe you can put it in a watertight tube and lash it to the deck of the Kon-Tiki ...

Tiki Chris said...

"Get one ready to send across the pond."

You're added to the waiting list! Thanks. We'll let you know how to get yours some time after the London Luau.


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