Friday, June 22, 2007

A Couple of Tiki Weeks in Review (Friday June 22, 2007)

Okay, sorry I skipped last week's update. After a great London Luau weekend, I jetted off to Florida to cover the Hukilau for Tiki Magazine. Such an adventure provided me with enough blog fodder for oodles of future posts (if only I can find enough time to write them).

In the meantime, check out my Artist Profile of Heather Watts that I posted before my trip. Heather's a super cool artist who was really kind to take the time to respond so thoughtfully to my interview questions.

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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London Daily Photo: Glory
London Daily Photo: St Paul's Churchyard
London Daily Photo: From Paternoster Square
London Luau 007
London Daily Photo: Chinaman's Hat
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Nando's
London Daily Photo: ... they're delicious
London Daily Photo: That They Might Have Life
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Canela Café
London Daily Photo: Rounding the Corner
London Daily Photo: Still Life
London Daily Photo: go
London Daily Photo: Oxygen
London Daily Photo: St Bart's
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Benugo
London Daily Photo: Simplex
Londonist asks "What's for Lunch?" Waterside Café ...
London Daily Photo: Barrier
London Daily Photo: Obstacle

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Rotterdam: Untitled
Rotterdam: Tin Tin's Jazz Latin Cigar Bar
Rotterdam: Untitled

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Polynesians beat Europeans to the Americas?
Rapa Nui and the New7Wonders
Rapa Nui now "Special Territory"
Record traveler visited Rapa Nui
Wyoming event features Rapa Nui photography
BlackBerry 8800 for Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui travel tips

Tiki Chris
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Too Much Fun in Review (Friday June 8, 2007)
Tiki Bar TV episode 26: Missionary
Kon-Tiki in reverse? Evidence suggests Polynesian...
London Luau 007
Artist Profile: Heather Watts

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