Friday, April 13, 2007

Week in Review on the Run (Friday April 13, 2007)

I'm halfway out the door en route to Amsterdam for the Tiki Art Show. So, pardon the early and abrupt weekly review. This has been an eventful week! Emiana and I spent Easter weekend in Santiago de Compostela. I've already posted plenty of pics from the trip and still more got more to come. Other highlights include:

- Artist Profile: Hanan Harchol (with hilarious video clips!)
Sincere thanks to everyone for the kind comments and emails about Uli.

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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This week's posts:
London Daily Photo: Phoenix Place
London Daily Photo: DFace(d)
London Daily Photo: Lunch on Leather Lane
Interview with London street artist, SWEET TOOF
Daily London Photo: Belly of the Beast
London Daily Photo: Squeegee
London Daily Photo: Insane Dog
London Daily Photo: At the Hookah Lounge

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This week's posts:
Wanted: your travel photography
Santiago de Compostela: Catedral de Santiago de C...
Santiago de Compostela: Catedral de Santiago de C...
Santiago de Compostela: Catedral de Santiago de Co...
Santiago de Compostela: Happy Easter!
Santiago de Compostela: Santos y Peregrinos
Santiago de Compostela: Madonna de Santiago
Santiago de Compostela: Madonna de Santiago
Santiago de Compostela: Pulpo
Santiago de Compostela: Tren Turistic
Santiago de Compostela: Gaito (Galician Bagpipe)
Virtual Paris stresses message to town hall
Santiago de Compostela: Remains of St James?
Santiago de Compostela: Pulpo y Chorizo
Santiago de Compostela: Front Row
Santiago de Compostela: Chillida

Rapa Nui News
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This week's posts:
Free to see moai at British Museum
Easter Island Marathon among marathon vacation des...
Chile "gears up" for more Rapa Nui visitors from U...
Rapa Nui and ham radio
Varig's Mercosur Airpass excludes Rapa Nui
French frigate to stop at Rapa Nui
Journalist recounts Rapa Nui visit
Rapa Nui, "mysterious island of Easter"
Rapa Nui's history a "hair-raising tale"
Easter Island Easter spoofs
Moai-shaped birdbath stolen
"Monolithic" pop culture references #48
Easter Island Marathon mentioned
History of and tourist tips for Rapa Nui
Chilean call to Brits to visit Rapa Nui
More mention of Matt Lauer on Rapa Nui

Tiki Chris
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This week's posts:
Week in Review (Friday April 6, 2007)
How to talk like a pirate
SWEET TOOF interview for Whitehot Magazine
Tiki Racer dabbling in lino
Great historical photography blog!
Photos from the Dan Witz opening at StolenSpace
Interview with Dan Witz for Juxtapoz
Tiki Bar TV episode 23: Bunnies
Artist Profile: Hanan Harchol

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