Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One more dank u to Rotterdam

While I'm doling out the thanks to my newfound friends in the Netherlands, I also need to say thanks to David Zee, owner of the fantastic Tin Tin's Latin Jazz Cigar Bar, for introducing me to Ron Palma Mulata and for just being a cool bartender/owner of a brilliant bar.

I also want to say hi to comedian Kees Torn, whom I met at Tin Tin's. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off and for turning me onto Oliphant cigars (I went out and bought some the next day)!

Look for more about my Dutch adventures in upcoming issues of Tiki Magazine. Check my ontoTravel blog in May and June for photos from my visit to Tin Tin's and beyond!

Photography by
Tiki Chris and Jeroen Pannekoek © 2007

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