Thursday, March 22, 2007

This week went well (Friday March 23, 2007)

I ate well this week: I had a great brunch and some yummy pizza. And, happening upon a brilliant new wine shop in Islington, I drank well too!

I also got around to reviewing a couple of noteworthy movies: Rude Boy featuring The Clash and Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism.

I took some photos at the recent opening of the Word to Mother show, not to mention all those London Daily Photos too.

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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This week's posts:
London Daily Photo - Happy St Patrick's Day
London Daily Photo - Untitled
Dan Witz at Stolenspace
The Chauffer - Duran Duran
The holy king of London pizza delivers!!!
London Daily Photo - Tropicalised Export Models
Routemaster row
Pun Intended?
London Daily Photo - Shafts of Light
Black cab driver for 70 years!
Rude Boy - The Clash
Brunch at Bank Aldwych
Even New York's gotta give it for London!
London Daily Photo - Spring
The Sampler - an enjoyable alternative to other wi...
London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival - 28-30/03/07...
London Daily Photo - Pretty Little Flowers
London Daily Photo - Pink on Green

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This week's posts:
Recent volcanic activity in Guatemala
Where to get a tasty tube steak in Baltimore
The world's laundry online

Rapa Nui News
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This week's posts:
New7Wonders articles that mention Rapa Nui
"Monolithic" pop culture references #45
Rapa Nui National Park among Chile's 5 World Herit...
Eco-suicide and Rapa Nui metaphor
New Jersey teacher's book mentions Rapa Nui
TV celebrity Matt Lauer visited Rapa Nui
LAN airline to cut prices on domestic routes
Rapa Nui cat now lives in La Jolla
More on Dengue Fever on Rapa Nui
"Monolithic" pop culture references #46
Hokule'a has traveled to Rapa Nui
Rapanui dance group performed at NZ festival
No pigs on Rapanui a "rare absence"
Gore donates to help reforest Rapa Nui
More about the dengue fever outbreak on Rapanui
Santiago stopover to/from Rapa Nui

Tiki Chris
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This week's posts:
Photogenic week in review (Friday March 16, 2007)
Mahiki in the New York Times
Cleaning your tiki mugs just got a lot easier ...
Photo's from the Word to Mother show at StolenSpac...
New Wave Country/Country New Wave
South Seas Cinema: Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenio...
Angry Clown Girl
Snow Doughnuts!
Pun intended?
Tiki Art Exhibition: April 15 - May 20 in Amsterda...

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