Saturday, March 24, 2007

Latest ish of NUDE Magazine

NUDE Magazine is a pretty good read. I'm especially enjoying the just released Spring 2007 Issue 10 for two reasons: it features a cover article with photos of Space Invader as well as a great, in depth interview with London-based illustrator/architect Michael Murphy of DESIGNinBLUE.

Back to the Future
by Ryan Crabbe
NUDE Magazine, Issue 10
Spring 2007

I still believe that great architecture has the ability to feed people's senses in a very positive way, and by saying 'great' I don't necessarily mean big. Great architecture to me is thoughtful and intriguing and has an effect on the subconscious through its regulation and manipulation of spaces.

Space Invader: all out art attack

by Anne Bowles
NUDE Magazine, Issue 10
Spring 2007

Forget bird flu: there's another much more benign virus being spread through the streets of the world's major cities, by a Parisian street artist who goes by the name of Space Invader.

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