Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Artist Profile: CEPT

Artist Profile: CEPT

I've had the pleasure of meeting with London street artist CEPT on a few occasions over the past several weeks. He's a cool guy and an inventive, prolific artist. Growing up in Northern Wales and moving to London, his story of "small town boy moves to big city to pursue passion" is certainly relatable to me.

Making London's cityscape more visually interesting for more than a decade, CEPT's graffiti may be spotted throughout East London, most notably on Sclater Street where his large "Art is Dead" mural demands attention and respect.

Such prolific work creates a lot of empty spray cans. So what does CEPT do with all those used cans? This resourceful artist converts them into FM radios ... or spradios. I got to play around with one of these gadgets. They're a very clever idea and really fun. The button on the top of the can serves as the on/off volume nob and the lid as a earphone holder.

CEPT is also a fine artist and printmaker. His paintings and prints are available to view (and to purchase!) at his site, spradio.com. His work has shown at a number of shows, including the recent HOO WOT exhibition.

Thanks to CEPT for providing many of the images seen in this post. Photography by
Tiki Chris © 2007 and CEPT
© 2007.


M. Snow said...

Yeah, I like it. I have become more aware of graffiti as I pass by it commuting to work. I like the mystery of it, imagining where the artists are coming from.

Tiki Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Yes, CEPT is great. I too enjoy how graffiti interacts with the urban landscape. I'm amazed how en vogue and accepted graffiti has become (at least here in London).


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