Monday, March 12, 2007

Nature’s CCTV Cameras (or Chris Osburn interviews Dscreet)

I recently got a gig writing for whitehot magazine of contemporary art, a monthy online magazine. Here's a link to an article I wrote for them about London-based artist, Dscreet.

Nature’s CCTV Cameras (or Chris Osburn interviews Dscreet)
by Chris Osburn
whitehot magazine of contemporary art
March 2007

When painting owls in public spaces, Dscreet aims to have passers-by feel as if they are being watched by the very paintings they notice. According to Dscreet, “Owls are like nature’s CCTV cameras … a projection of my own paranoia.” Interestingly, Dscreet’s projection of paranoia is at once cheery and stern. His owls are large and colorful. Their unflinching (and unblinking) gaze creates an eerie presence that demands attention. To see them evokes the suspicion that a magic realm of wonder exists – even amid otherwise urban landscape.

here for complete article.

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Emiana said...

This is a great article!

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