Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mahiki in the New York Times

Geez Mahiki's getting a lot of press. I don't think anything even remotely Polynesian Pop has gotten this much press in decades! Interesting.

A Tiki Bar Fit for a Prince
Photograph by Steve Forrest for The New York Times
New York Times
Published: March 11, 2007

Nearly every morning, the British papers run over with tales from Mahiki, this kitschy two-level court in central London’s Mayfair district, like how much money
Prince Harry and his friends spent (on one night last month, about $21,000), and which pop icons were spotted in the corner. (Madonna and Guy Ritchie reportedly spent two hours there discussing the state of African orphans with the prince, who will soon trade his clubgoing for military service in Iraq.)

here for complete article.

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