Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Patting myself on the back and complaining

So since I started running last week, I've stuck to going out every weekday. Well, I didn't go yesterday, but it was a bank holiday (a three-day weekend). So, yesterday doesn't count. I'm running about 20 minutes a day, and I honestly can see/feel the results already. But ... I still fricking hate it! It's just so boring. I mean, all I hear is the pounding of my shoes on the pavement. Of course, that's probably a good meditative thingy for me, but but but but but but but ...

Anyway, if this is all I have to complain about, I guess I'm doing alright.

Hanging in there,
Tiki Chris


Emiana said...

I think it's great. Good on you and keep going!!

J H Jackson said...

Get your iPod mojo working, Chris. Put a little New Pornographers on there or whatever puts some
hop into your step. When I run, I take in the scenery. I've never liked running on treadmills. So, pick a place that's interesting to look at. Maybe run in a neighborhood at dusk where the houses have lots going on inside and you can see what people are doing (maybe not so good), how they decorate, etc.

Anonymous said...

Get your iPod mojo working and it's much more fun!
Good for you. Most important is a good pair of shoes, no skimping!

Tiki Chris said...

Hey there jh jackson. Thanks for the advice, which, coming from a marathon runner, I don't take lightly. Music probably would help. Honestly, the scenery where I've been running is pretty spectacular - along the Thames.

I intend to keep at it. Although, this week'll be a bit crazy; our stuff's arriving from the States, we're moving into our new flat, etc etc.


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