Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Want to join a tribe and live on a remote South Pacific island?

Then check out

This is your moment to make history on a tiny ripple of rock, jungle and sand in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

I'm cynical about this 'tribal' contrivance but also intrigued. I suppose that if one had the time - and the money - and the inclination to spend said time and money among - and subject to - a bunch of fellow 'tribe members,' this might be a fun way to spend 7, 14, or 21 nights in the South Pacific. Of course, it should be noted that tribe membership fees do not include airfair to Fiji. Nevertheless, for someone possessing a round-the-world ticket, this would make an interesting side trip. And, who knows what sort of singles scene or networking possibilities might exist in the tribe's insta-society?

It should be interesting to see how this unravels. And, I admit that tribewanted's aim to create a sustainable and ecological community is to be commended (but, I'm not sure how eco-friendly those flights to Fiji are).

Tiki Chris


Anonymous said...

This is interesting but if you do look at the tribewanted website although the air travel is not included, all food and accommodation is, so it is relatively cheap.

With regards to the flights it seems that they have covered this by bringing on board Climate Care with the promise of offsetting all emmissions caused by plane journeys. Seems to me that this team are having a damn good go at doing something decent, cant be knocked for that. Will certainly be interesting to watch. May sign up myself!

Tiki Chris said...

Thanks for pointing out the Climate Care bit!

tribewanted seems to have done a thorough job in addressing the 'eco-issues.'

If you sign up and go - please please please keep us posted!

Tiki Chris

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