Sunday, July 01, 2007

Me and My New Theremin!

Say hello to my newest toy - the Moog Etherwave Theremin! I bought this baby second hand from Theremin maestro Virani when he was in town for the London Luau. Why'd he give it up? He moved on to a bigger better model of this electronic musical instrument that's meant to be played without being touched.

I'm progressing slowly and haven't had much time to practice, but it seems rather intuitive to play. My main problem is hitting notes based on feel and sound alone. I'm so used to relying on my eyes to find notes on piano and guitar.

Anyway, until I get a lot better at playing this wonderful contraption, enjoy the maestro's version of one of my all time favorite songs:


Chongolio said...

That is really cool, congrats on the new theremin. But maybe you should of given Virani a t-shirt for his kindness. :D


P.S have you seen this documentery on the inventor of the theremin
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

Tiki Chris said...

I think he was satisfied with cash.

But you're right, it was extremely kind of him to lug the theremin across the Channel for me!

Tom said...

Go, Tiki Chris! Glad to see you haven't completely given up on music!

Incidentally, I finally transferred 'Homewrecker' to my iPod & am soaking up its fine tunes...

I think the only album I own that features a theremin is Pixies' 'Bossanova.' Has it turned up much in recorded popular music?

virani said...

ahah. Thanks Chris for the kind words. That video is 1 year ago, I can hear the progress I made since that time ;)

Tiki Chris said...


Thanks for your comment. Glad you're digging "Homewrecker" (probably my best set of songs).

Anything I could say about the Theremin in pop music is probably already mentioned in the Wikipedia entry:




You're welcome! I'm enjoying the Theremin. It's a really fun distraction.

Hope to see you soon,

virani said...

Chongolio : that's a really great documentary. I love it.

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