Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Call for Artists: Halloween Skull Mask Project

Call for Artists: Halloween Skull Mask Project

For each day during this year's 31 Days of Halloween Madness, this blog will feature a custom skull mask designed by a different artist. The idea is simple: 31 artists take the same basic skull image and customize it. Then from the 1st through the 31st of October, one customized image will be posted per day. Contributing artists will be credited along with a link to their websites and a brief sentence or two about them.

The only requirements are as follows:

1) The outline of the mask is not to be altered,
2) The dotted line and punch holes are to remain visible, and
3) The dimensions of the image are to remain the same as the original JPEG.

Deadline for submission is September 1, 2007.

Interested in contributing?
Contact Tiki Chris by August 1, 2007 for more info and to receive your skull mask template.

Click here to view some posts from 2006's 31 Days of Halloween Madness.

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