Friday, July 13, 2007

Artist Profile: Tiki Racer

Artist Profile: Tiki Racer

A heady cocktail of lowbrow exotica Tiki hotrod art rooted in a love of toys, films, music and fashion from the fifties and sixties

Yep, that's Tiki Racer, an artist with whom regular readers of this blog should be quite familiar. He helped make
Zombruary 2007 more interesting and put a ton of thought and elbow grease into the Tiki London project. In fact, content about, by or because of Tiki Racer has at times been integral to this blog ... which is a good thing because I really like his art.

He's prolific too, and that impresses me. From designing the
logo and menu (and even mugs) for one of London's hottest night clubs to dabbling in lino, TR seems to have the uncanny sense of getting his head round just about any new medium he decides to tinker with.

Visit the Polynesian speedster online at Go!

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