Friday, January 12, 2007

Week in Review (Friday January 12, 2007)

This week I ...

- debuted South Seas Cinema, a new series of posts dedicated to films set in – or pertaining to – Polynesia and the South Pacific,

- made a call to musicians for submissions,

- finally got around to sharing my pics on Flickr,

- posted some pretty cool Daily Photos,

- and plenty more.

Please see below for a complete listing of all of this week's posts.

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

Below is information about four blogs that I administer:
ontoLondon, ontoTravel, Rapa Nui News, and Tiki Chris. Each Friday, I hope to provide a weekly review of what I've posted. If a particular blog interests you, keep in mind that I’ve been blogging since well before this past week. You may want to take a look through the archives of any blog that interests you. Thanks.

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This week's posts:
Daily Photo - Shoreditch High Street
Daily Photo - Hog Roast
Daily Photo - At the Show
Daily Photo - Down
Up close and personal with the Face of Spain (book...
Daily Photo - Bird's Eye
Hockney is hot too!
Elms Lesters Painting Rooms to host urban artists ...
Londons's discarded Christmas Trees
Daily Photo - When Isolating Lift
Daily Photo - Green and Yellow

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This week's posts:
Chattanooga Foodie Tour

Rapa Nui News
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This week's posts:
Auckland Museum's Vaka Moana exhibition includes R...
Rapa Nui "archaeological theme park?"
Rapanume comes from Rapa Nui soil
Moai are "compelling draw" for tourist to Rapa Nui...
Were rats the cause of Rapanui's deforestation?
"Monolithic" pop culture references #32
More about Rapamune
Moai management issues
Blog post summarizes recent Rapa Nui articles

Tiki Chris
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This week's posts:
2007: So far so good (Friday January 5, 2007)
Buddha of the Batting Cages
If he can do it ...
Lookout Mountain
And I only just got my first iPod
Calling all musicians: Let me review you!
Finally on Flickr
Photos from SheOne's EXIT
Flickr Toys = Too Much Fun
Caramel Corn-inspired desktop image for 2007!
South Seas Cinema: Tabu, a Story of the South Sea...

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