Tuesday, January 30, 2007

5 Good Reasons ... to be happy!

Prone to get the blues?

One little trick I've developed to combat the blues is to make a mental list of five things that - right off the top of my head - make me happy. Nothing too profound, just the first few positive things that occur to me. I find that this technique usually picks me up and results in my realizing a long list of other happy thoughts.

I was thinking that my 'five good reasons' idea might make a cool model for a blog - a platform for folks to list and share happy things with others.

So ...

Last week, I started 5GoodReasons.

Vist 5GoodReasons at http://5goodreasons.blogspot.com.

If interested in participating, just send an email to 5goodreasons@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to set you up. There are already a few contributors.

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