Friday, November 07, 2008

Momentous Week in Review (November 7, 2008)

Momentous Week in Review


What a week, huh? When not anticipating, live blogging or reeling from the US election, I did a little shopping at my neighborhood design-centric book and fun stuff shop, caught the new James Bond flick (and hated it), enjoyed a brilliant cocoa-co-operative photography exhibition, checked out some gruesomely hacked up cartoon characters and had a fantastic meal (with some awesome cocktails) at a Thai restaurant in Soho ... and a yummy pizza in Fitzrovia.

I also started guest blogging for the This is Now photography project.

And for Halloween last Friday (which seems like ages ago)? I popped round to the TrustedPlaces’ Day of the Dead party at Chilango. Fun stuff.

TrustedPlaces Day of the Dead/Halloween Party at Chilango

Enjoy your weekend,

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