Saturday, November 22, 2008

Changed Priorities Ahead - Amazing Story!

I just wanted to take a moment to point out an extraordinary comment left about the image on my 14th of November Too Busy Having Fun post. Check it out!

That picture reminds me of the time 12 years ago when I went to visit my little brother in the insane asylum after he tried to commit suicide. I got him out to go for a pint and we were arguing whether or not the universe was inherently good or bad, he said it was bad and i said that "no the universe is good and out to help you, you just have to be positive" and then we turned a corner and the first thing we saw was huge "changed priorities ahead" sign and then the Dali Lama walked past.true story.

Atomic Tony Tiki


Anonymous said...

Something to think about!

Tiki Chris said...

Yes indeed.

francis said...

it truely was one of those days, and i am happy to say that the sign & atomictonytiki were correct

Tiki Chris said...

Hey Francis,

Thanks for the comment. Amazing story!


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