Thursday, September 25, 2008

SPAT Zine Issue 2

Spat Magazine

It's rare these days that I get the chance just to blog about something simply because I want to take the time to write about it. Anyway, I've been meaning to mention a zine I came across the last time I was in Whitstable (I can't even remember the name of the shop where I got it, but it's on the main drag near the entrance to the harbour and has lots of fun art in the windows).

Spat Magazine2

The zine is called Spat, and I bought Issue 2 for £2.20. It features several pages of wobbly, trippy line drawings that must have taken hours of intense concentration to make. The images seem to be of either cute-ified monsters or monster-fied people. Right up my alley. Unfortunately, there's
no email address, website or any info about the creator (or how to get my hands on Issue 1). However, on the back inside cover there's an "ad" for Road Kill Zine and it's MySpace page. Images on that webpage look similar to the Spat artwork. I guess I'll start there. But if anybody knows anything ...

Fun stuff!

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