Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Want My Mummy - HELP!

Call for Mummies

Okay, Halloween's almost here (well not really, but October 31st will come!) and that means it's time for me to geek out with another 31 Days of Halloween Madness. Similar to last year's
Halloween Skull Mask Project, this year I hope to get a little reader participation help.

For the month of October, I'd like to post a mummy-a-day, in the way of photos and/or videos of people and animals wrapped up like mummies and, essentially, acting stoopid. Ideally, stuff like a mummy family portrait, mummified pets, mummies in public doing ordinary things, breakdancing mummies etc would be extraordinary content.

If interested in contributing your own pics or video - or you live in London and wouldn't mind a goofy photographer coming round to take photos of you wrapped up in toilet paper like a mummy - please contact
tikichris ASAP!


Niamheen said...

Sounds like fun, Chris! I may participate :)

Tiki Chris said...

Brilliant! I'll be in touch.


Helen said...

Is it worrying that I am actually quite up for this!

Tiki Chris said...

Nothing to worry about Helen! Just let me know.

johnny dollar said...

dressed like that, you will never have an emergency in the public loo.

(did i use that term correctly? i'm only a yank after all)

Tiki Chris said...

You got it JD. Thanks for checking in.

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