Monday, August 13, 2007

I ♥ T-Shirts: Tiki Racer

Comfortable, practical, and these days the only accessory you need to make a statement, it's hard to imagine a world without the ubiquitous T-shirt. I ♥ T-Shirts takes a subjective approach to this modern fashion phenomenon with each post dealing with a favorite shirt.

Shirt: Tiki Racer
Designer: Tiki Racer
Price: £24.80
Purchased: Gift from artist
Status: I wear it once every couple of weeks

With last month's Artist Profile of
Tiki Racer, I thought it a perfect opportunity to write about a Tee that I truly love and often wear: the official Tiki Racer T-shirt! This sturdy black 215 gram combed cotton shirt fits well - and to be all cotton has shrunk very little in the several months that I've owned it. I love the vinyl cut design of the little helmeted Tiki dude holding a steering wheel. And using the Tiki's eyes as racing goggles is a very clever idea. The strip of mysterious Tiki Racer icons on the back of the shirt is cool as well. I especially like the cute, wonky skull.

To be honest, I usually place this T-shirt at the bottom of any stack of clean shirts because I'm so apt to choose it over most of the others. That trick usually works ... until I start rummaging around for something to keep the hum-drum ordinariness of daily life in check. Then, this Tee races right back to the top of the heap!

here to visit the Tiki Racer Gift Shop and get your own official Tiki Racer T-shirt!

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