Friday, August 03, 2007

"Artists are Cool" Week in Review (Friday August 3, 2007)

Fun week. I took the bus to Bristol to spend the day checking out the graffiti scene with local artist Cyclops. Also spend some quality time here in London with Cyclops and his buddies Sweet Toof and Sickboy as they did a bit of redecorating on Brick Lane.

Halloween Skull Mask Project is coming along swimmingly. Click here for a list of the super cool artists involved.

Also, make sure to visit ontoTravel for a contribution by John Hardcastle about visiting Havana, Cuba on May Day. John's story and phenomenal photos are well worth a look!

And now that July is over, don't forget to
check out all of last month's by photographer Marta Alabau over at ontoLondon. (Thanks Marta!)

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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UPDATE: Not a Banksy - It's a Mantis
London Daily Photo: Dscreet
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Havana, Cuba: "Cocktail Culture"

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