Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The land of sheeps and ales

I haven't posted as much as usual this week because Emiana and I went away for the weekend to the land of sheep and ales. I just finished posting a review of the trip and muchos photos over at my ontoTravel blog.

here to see the photos.

Click here to read my review of the trip (and of a fantastic blog about pubs in the land of sheep and ales).



Emiana said...

Readers should note that the sheep pictured is the supreme champion of the Chipping Show. It is not even a year old and it's HUGE!!! It's a Suffolk sheep and the humans with it are its owners.

Tiki Chris said...

Something about the photo really gets to me - I mean tears almost well up in my eyes. It's very touching and sweet.

Emiana said...

Well, they were lovely people. He came up to me and proudly, yet shyly, told me about his sheep. His wife was so quiet and stepped out of the photo at first, until I asked her back in. English gothic.

Tiki Chris said...

"English gothic"


Simon W said...

Great photo! Sums up the Chipping Show in one go. Convert it to black and white (or better still sepia) and it could almost be taken in Victorian times.

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