Friday, June 23, 2006

Another week bites the dust (Friday 23 June 2006)

Hey, I'm Tiki Chris, and I administer four blogs: ontoLondon, Rapa Nui News, Tiki Chris, and WePlanYourTrip. Each Friday, I hope to provide a weekly review of what I've posted. If a particular blog interests you, keep in mind that I’ve been blogging since well before this past week. You may want to take a look through the archives of any blog that interests you.


Another busy week here in London full of all sorts of bloggable happenings, just not enough time to blog about them.

Highlight of the week? Feeling secure in my masculinity, I got me a man bag:

Have a great weekend,
Tiki Chris

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How was the sheep drive?

Rapa Nui News
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New book parallels Rapa Nui with history of planet

Tiki Chris
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Me and my man bag

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MySpace dream destination results

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