Monday, October 13, 2008

"Tiki" Moscow Mule

I've been meaning to write about the London Bloggers Blogology Meetup for ages but have just been too slammed with other stuff. I considered posting about it on my ontoLondon blog (and still might), but figured the content is more Tiki Chris than London-specific. Anyway ...

Impressively, London Blogger Meetup organizer
Andy Bargery brought Smirnoff on board to "design a custom cocktail to match the content of everyone's blog." For me, a "Tiki" Moscow Mule was created. I liked it and felt that the folks involved did a fantastic job pairing my blog with a cocktail (obviously, I'm more a rum-based cocktail sort of dude, but I'm not one to turn away bespoke vodka cocktails).

So what's in a "Tiki" Moscow Mule?
- 35ML Smirnoff

- Muddled raspberries and strawberries
- Top with ginger ale

- Garnish with mint

You can read more about that really fun evening here, here, here and here!

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