Friday, May 16, 2008

Wine Wine Wine (May 16, 2008)

London Daily Photo: Save Energy by Chris Osburn © 2008

Wine Wine Wine

Two wine tastings in one week (here and here), a care package from Tio Pepe and a martini menu preview almost did me in, but I'm happy to report that I'm still hanging in there. It seems my Food and Drink editorship with Londonist has been skewing toward drink as of late. I reckon food will make a bit of a comeback soon enough. In fact this weekend, I'll be co-representing Londonist in Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom, a cook-off organised by London Blogger Annie Mole in partnership with

Speaking of Annie Mole, I was surprised that she and another well known online Londoner, diamond geezer, both took the time to leave comments about things I posted this week. Annie's was a rather cheery remark about my Wine Tasting with Qype post while diamond geezer's was a bit more critical in tone. He reckons my Gourmet Grazing with Tio Pepe review for Londonist was the "most blatant shameless context-free plug that Londonist has ever posted." Oh well. For the record, I don't consider the post as much a plug as a review which just happens to be positive. I guess he kinda has a point though.

In closing, I'd like to suggest everyone to have a look at this week's
London Daily Photos and to check out a recent thought provoking post by my favourite blogger, Emiana.

Enjoy your weekend,

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dgeezer said...

I can't argue the same about Cava in a capital context, but it certainly seems to be Spanish Wine Week at Londonist.

Tiki Chris said...

Yeah, I guess it kinda was. Funny, didn't realize that until you pointed it out.

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