Monday, May 19, 2008

Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom was Brilliant!

Okay. If you’ve been around me lately, you know I’ve been in a bit of tizzy prepping for an upcoming sojourn (humongous barrels of thanks must be placed at the feet of my lovely Emiana for all the work she’s put into planning and orchestrating our trip!). Sadly, last minute obligations mean that I ain’t got no time to blog about just how awesome it was to participate in yesterday’s Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom. But, I’d feel like a lowly heel if I didn’t say something about how much fun the event was. It totally rocked and everybody was super cool and all the food I tasted was delish!

Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom

What was Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom? It was a cooking competition organised by the logistic superstar and networking goddess
Annie Mole, in partnership with the very smiley and kind folks at and innovative lead sponsor SpinVox at the mega-impressive Cookery School (so super helpful and teeming with knowledge and practical advice) near Oxford Circus. The best of London’s online fooderati were pitted against each other for some truly inspired cooking … and all for a good cause (Action Against Hunger and Justgiving)!

Food 2.0: Nom, Nom, Nom

That’s about all the time I have to post about Nom, but I did manage to upload a gazillion photos to Flickr from yesterday. There’s plenty more blog posts, etc about the event and I suspect a review will appear on Londonist soon as well.

Thanks for a wonderful day,


Annie Mole said...

Chris you really are too kind. You guys rocked big time as well and your Telecom Tower was amazing.

Tiki Chris said...

The Telecom Tower polenta cake was a bit of inspired baking wasn't it? 100% Hazel's doing.

Here are some pics:

Thanks again for all the fun,

Emiana said...

Looks like such fun was being had by all. The dishes look delish!

Happy to organise stuff!!

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