Sunday, May 04, 2008

Graffiti/Photography talk at Leeds College of Art and Design

If anybody's in Leeds on Thursday (May 8), I'll be at the College of Art and Design giving a free talk with lots of pretty pictures of mostly London graffiti.

Chris Osburn Talk
1pm, Thursday 8th May
Studio Theatre, Blenheim Walk
Leeds College of Art and Design

Chris Osburn is an American freelance photojournalist and filmmaker living and working in London. As a foreign correspondent for publications such as Juxtapoz and Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, Chris covers England's burgeoning graffiti scene from the frontline, often accompanying notorious street artists on their outings.

A list of the renowned artists which Chris has photographed in action includes Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Sickboy and Dan Witz. He has interviewed significant contemporary urban artists such as Paul Insect, David Choe and Invader and has extensively photographed the works of numerous legendary artists, including Jef Aerosol, Adam Neate, and Banksy.

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Chris Osburn at Leeds College
by Katie Zuppann
Friday, 02 May 2008

Our buddy Chris Osburn will be chatting about graffiti and the London street art scene at the Leeds College of Art & Design on May 8th ... If you’re in the UK, make sure to stop by Leeds and have a bit of Osburn knowledge whispered into your ear.

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