Friday, March 14, 2008

Week Down the Cannes (March 14, 2008)

ontoTravel: All that Glitters, Photography by Chris Osburn © 2008

Week Down the Cannes

This week found me back in France. This time in Cannes for the Fusion 5 Festival. Should time stand still this coming week, I've got tons of content from the event to share.

When I returned home from Cannes, I was surprised to find a bizarre note taped above the postboxes in the lobby of the building where I live. It's a rather telling artifact of the neighborly vibes round here (too funny). Click here to check it out.

In closing, I'd just like to mention that there's plenty of eye candy on the blogs this week: London Daily Photos at ontoLondon, a new ontoTravel series of photos from my trip to Cannes and more!

Enjoy your weekend,

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