Friday, December 21, 2007

Arty Week in Review (Friday December 21, 2007)

I actually managed to create a little content for y'all this week. For one, I snapped copious photos at the Sartorial Contemporary Art opening of the "Notting Heaven" group exhibition. Ditto at Leonard Street Gallery, where German graffiti-collaborative team, Herakut were setting up for their exhibition with Luc Price. I got to hang behind the scenes during the set up and even nabbed an interview with Herakut. Speaking of interviews, my whitehot magazine interview with Strychnin Gallery owner Yasha Young is up and waiting for you to take a look-see. And last but certainly not least, I rounded out 2007's Artist Profiles with a quick piece about one of my favourite drinking buddies, Michael Murphy. He's a pretty fab artist as well. I'm probably gonna sign off until the New Year with this post, but I will continue posting my Daily Photos at ontoLondon.

Thanks to everyone for making 2007 a phenomenally fun year!

Enjoy your weekend,


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