Monday, December 17, 2007

Artist Profile: Michael Murphy

Tiki bars with helipads? Atomic mushroom clouds and lush mid-century bachelor pads? Rounding out a year's worth of Artist Profiles is architect/artist Michael Murphy.

With his paintings and digital art, Michael interprets traditional architectural illustration while bringing out the potential drama within all good design. Michael's arty side leans toward the cinematic while his architectural discipline seeks "to retain some semblance of reality in terms of perspective and structure." However, no in
ternal struggle is revealed in the resulting artwork. What is apparent is cliffhanger architectural imagery that captivates with its very human stories without ever showing any people. For example, one of his prints, entitled "Cocktail before Target Practice," features the silhouette of a helicopter atop a building with London's BT Tower in the background and an intense yellow sky. Who's having a cocktail with whom and where? Very captivating stuff, open to interpretation with no egregious meaning crowding the viewer's imagination.

To get more of Michael's take, check out my interview with him for Londonist.

To view more of Michael’s work visit:

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