Friday, November 30, 2007

November's a Wrap (Friday November 30, 2007)

Okay, I wrapped up my California Road Trip posts. Here are the one's from this past week:

- California Road Trip: Ginger
- California Road Trip: Ert
- California Road Trip: Tiki Crawl!
- California Road Trip: Forbidden Island
- California Road Trip: Tiki Racer!

I'll probably still have some peripheral road trip related stuff to write about in the next week or so but that's it for the travelogue. Click here to view all the California Road Trip posts to date.

The last of photographer Anna Krsikova's Daily Photos are up at
ontoLondon, but don't be surprised if her photos appear there again. Anna deserves a huge thanks for providing all those great images and helping make November a much less bumpy ride for yours truly. Treat yourself to some visual intrigue by clicking here to view all her photos from the past month.

Enjoy your weekend,

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