Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because You Asked (How to Make a Mai Tai)

Recently, more than a couple of folks have asked me about how to make a Mai Tai. Here's my recipe, kinda sorta based on the recipe of Mai Tai originator, Trader Vic. It could probably use a bit of tweeking but I'm rather inclined to keep it as is and no one's complained yet.
  • 2 jiggers of Jamaican rum (Appleton Estate Reserve)
  • 2 jiggers of Martinique rum (St James)
  • ¾ jigger of orange Curacao (Yes it must be orange!)
  • ¾ jigger of Trader Vic’s Rock Candy Syrup or Saint James’s Sucre de Canne
  • ½ jigger of orgeat (to be honest, I’ve recently been using Italian orzata)
  • Juice from one fresh lime
  • Shake vigorously with crushed ice
  • Add a sprig of fresh mint and a maraschino cherry
  • Enjoy!

There are a gazillion valid recipes out there and lots of opinions. And if you're looking for a good one at a bar in London, the best I've had have been at Trader Vic's and Trailer Happiness.


TimmyD said...

Truly, you have done a public service here today.

Tiki Chris said...

Nah. I'm just writing what I'm drinking.

CaribQueen said...

Mmmm, how about a group tasting? :)

Tiki Chris said...

Hmmm ... that's a possibility.

Emiana said...

I think your Mai Tai is better than TV's or TH's - blasphemy for some, but de gustibus...

Tiki Chris said...

Thanks Emi,

You're usually the only other person I really ever make 'em for. So as long as you're happy, then cool.

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