Thursday, February 07, 2008

I ♥ T-Shirts: Forbidden Island

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Shirt: Forbidden Island
Designer: Tiki Diablo (the tiki on the back), Martin Cate (lettering), Hanford Lemoore (boards, tiki torches and flames)
Price: ???
Purchased: Gift from the Forbidden Island staff
Status: Top of the stack!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in November (seems like ages ago now) while tiki road trippin' through California, I had the pleasure of mingling and drinking a few times at Forbidden Island, a
fine little Polynesian-themed bar in the East Bay town of Alameda. In a show of aloha spirit, the folks there were kind enough to slide a free FI T-shirt my way. Mahalo! It's a comfortable Hanes "Tagless 6.1" (whatever that means), and I wear it often. There's a big ass tiki on the back of the shirt (an image based upon an actual carving in the bar). The graphics on the front are pretty awesome too. I love the crossed tiki torches and wonky letters. I'm not sure if you can order the shirts online (click here for the FI website) but that's all the more reason to visit one of the San Francisco Bay area's coolest bars.

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Hanford said...

just a quick comment ... tiki diablo did the illustration of the tiki, martin cate did the "forbidden island tiki lounge" lettering,and hanford lemoore did the boards, tiki torches, and flames.

Tiki Chris said...

I stand corrected! Thanks for clarifying, Hanford. I just edited the post to reflect your info. Take it easy and keep in touch.


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