Sunday, May 13, 2007

Artist Profile: Spacepafpaf

Artist Profile: Spacepafpaf

This month's profiled artist, Spacepafpaf (alias Laurence Gonry) was born in a small town in Southern Belgium. Today, she lives and works in Brussels. She studied printmaking at the Ecole d’Art de la Cambre. Spacepafpaf works primarily in wood-cut and lino-cut printing as well as serigraphy. Her artwork has exhibited in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Quebec.

Among her influences, she lists: "horror and fantastic cinema ( 50's to 70's), vintage publicity, humour and nonsense, UFO and creatures from outer space, jungle vegetation, old medieval painters, comics from 50's to70's, rock'n roll, tiki and exotic stuff."

I discovered Spacepafpaf's work on MySpace and immediately became a fan. Something about the way she sees the world clicks with my own view (I suppose my own list of influences would be similar to hers).

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