Monday, December 15, 2008

Better Late Than Never (December 16, 2008)

Better Late Than Never

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. So I'm a little late with this
weekly review. But if you knew the kind of hellish Friday I'd had as well as how awesome my Saturday and Sunday were, you'd forgive me. Besides, I took off Friday night for a weekend in Berlin. There are plenty of other highlights that I wrote about during the past week or so. Be sure to take a second or two to sniff around my blogs. Thanks!

Berlin! December 2008

Anyway, for the rest of 08, I plan to squeeze out a few more posts. I'll keep the ontoLondon
Daily Photos rolling into the New Year and will surely have some scrappy moments to share on my mobile tikichris to go blog. But for all intents and purposes the Tiki Chris blogs are on hiatus until 2009.

Berlin! December 2008

Merry Christmas,

ontoLondon - ontoTravel - The Adventures of Tiki Chris - tikichris to go

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