Friday, January 11, 2008

Jet Lagged Week in Review (Friday January 11, 2008)

Happy New Year everybody! Yes, I know we're already 11 days into 2008. It's just that today is my first blogging chance to acknowledge the start of another year. Another year which should be even more fun and flavourful than the last. Things have started off well for me, at least. I accepted an editorial position at Londonist and will now be in charge of Food & Drink for the site. Yum. The foodie editing gig began just as I returned from Kauai, which is where I've been hiding out with Emiana these past couple of weeks. She and I (mostly she) took many photos - available for all to see at ontoTravel. Just click here to enjoy viewing them (and keep in mind that there are more Kauai pics to post this week and next).

Really, my only complaint is a massive case of jet lag that's lagging just a little more than I'm accustomed to experiencing. Since returning from Kauai, I've been up all night every night and falling in and out of REM sleep in the afternoons. Honestly, It's been kinda fun and has allowed me to get caught up on my farting preacher YouTube viewing. Thank you, Jesus.

In closing, I would just like to say that I'm sorry for leaving y'all with little fresh content during the holidays. Although, I'm sure everyone managed to cope. I promise to make up for it with mucho blogging in the next several weeks. Of course, even from the midst of the jungle in the middle of the Pacific, I still was able to
continue posting my Daily Photos at ontoLondon. Why'd I do that? Because I love you.

Enjoy your weekend,


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