Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dan Witz in Williamsburg (Photos for Juxtapoz)

While I was offline during the last couple of weeks in August, I managed to squeeze a trip to Brooklyn into my schedule for a day out with one of my favorite artists, Dan Witz. Make sure to check out the complete Juxtapoz post!

Dan Witz in Williamsburg
by Chris Osburn
Tuesday, 04 September 2007

The first graffiti that Dan Witz remembers being aware of as a child are those World War Two era "Kilroy Was Here" drawings. Still amazed by the idea that simply drawing a horizontal line can "magically create space and become the top of a wall," Dan has adapted
the "Kilroy" design to suit his own urban prankster needs. By updating the basic "Kilroy" concept, Dan creates provocative, and often hilarious, street art.

here for complete story and plenty of photos.

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